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Golf Widows

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Featuring Presley St Claire with Payton. Presley and I are good friends whom are also golf widows together. We stay in a country club and enjoy fine meals and all the amenities, however we are forever left alone to entertain ourselves. Well this one particular afternoon, we couldn’t get into the spa and so we were hanging out and decided to give each other a foot rub. Well, just like in Pulp Fiction you know where foot rubs can lead. We ended up in the hot tub naked! Then from there we had to play with our toys and play with each other. Things were steaming up for sure, but it wasn't the hot tub. The temp seemed to not be warm enough. Well ,we got our assess out of the hot tub and went inside. That is where things really got hotter.Us two mature country club blondes whom usually have to behave pretty proper found ourselves out of control on the couch full on in a lesbian romp. We played with each other, we had fingers and toys in each of our pussies! We were in 69 and eating and licking and oh my it was fun. I had no idea how much a turn on eating another woman’s pussy could be! My God, no wonder men enjoy that so much. What an afternoon! Maybe this whole golf widow thing isn’t so bad?

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