I am Payton Hall. A dirty MILF and Cougar that loves going after younger men and participating in fun and creative sex. Join me on my hardcore sexual adventures! Pictures and HD Video! *hugs*

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Payton Hall

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About Payton Hall

My Bio:

Hi I am Payton Hall ... Welcome to my site ! I am flattered that you are interested in seeing it and knowing more about me.

I am a true Milf and a GILF. To be honest , I have always liked younger guys. In high school I was a junior and a cheerleader and was dating a younger freshman boy from our wrestling team. My very first time of actually "doing it" was with him. That was back in the day, back in the 70’s so I have been having sex for over 40 years. I have always enjoyed sex and so becoming an Adult Film Girl was truly a dream come true!

I was a very late bloomer to Porn and Adult Industry. I started doing film when I was 47. I had wanted to be in Playboy back in the 80’s and started to enter a contest for a 30 year anniversary edition, when a ring was given to me. I stepped away and have no regrets. While I am no longer married, I had some great years being married and was able to have a family which I am so grateful for. My children and now the children they are bringing me are truly the greatest joys of my life.

So how did I get into porn? Well, I had always liked being naked and done several picture sets even before doing it as a job. We had a huge picture of my boobs in the master bathroom when I was married. I loved photo shoots and glamour lingerie. But in reality never dreamed of doing it until the economy fell apart in 2009. At that point I was a normal single mom working hard living in the suburbs, driving an SUV and attending kid functions.

But duty called ... We needed money. So I ended up first working for a sexy club and then doing some fetish movies for a clips for sale site. I loved filming from the get go. It was so much fun. My first porn work was for a smoking fetish store. I don’t really smoke but I had to not only smoke cigarettes but I did pussy smoking. Then I had to wait to turn 50 and SCORE accepted me to shoot for them in Florida. That was awesome. I loved that they had make up and hair people and they served you spa food and treated the ladies like movie stars.

After that trip I was sold on the idea that movies is what I wanted to do. I mean what better job could there be than being pampered and fucking hot young guys? Right? So the rest is history as far as film goes. I entered the business for money and I stay because I love it.

I am fortunate that to start so late in the game to be able to work and to have filmed with some really awesome people. So with this site I hope to keep on doing it and bring you to many orgasms. I love not only acting in the films but the creation of the scripts and following the custom scripts that people send to me for custom orders. I love to successfully capture the essence of what they are looking for in the film. I love doing customs so don’t hesitate to ask and while I am not sure if I have an actual fetish, I am very open to doing them for others. I was born in the Northwest where it’s wet and beautiful and now live in the desert where it’s dry and hot.

I can appreciate travel and love Florida as well as tropical places. I love swimming and water activities. I was fortunate enough to swim with dolphins 3 times this year and funny enough got accused of touching a female dolphin in a sexual way at Atlantis. So I guess I bring my sexuality everywhere.

I prefer boats and water over cold and mountains but still like to occasionally visit the snow and have snow skied for years and snowboarded a little. I love wakeboarding and enjoy hiking. So it is safe to say that I am a sporty outdoor kind of chick. I am athletic especially for my age. I think I refuse to grow the fuck up. It just seems boring to quit doing what is fun. I love working out and I have been a gym member since I was about 11. I have messed with food and diet since about that age well. Right now I have 3 gyms I go to which is a little bit of overkill I know. So my question is ... is porn or sport fucking a real sport? I feel like it should be.

So the other things you may want to know are I am 55 and still alive. I am about 5’1and ¼ now. I used to be 5’2”. I wear a size 34 D or 32dd bra. (no one believes that ) but I think because they are natural they are kind of more spread out than when in a bra so they look smaller naked ? Anyway I have thought about “fixing” them on and off for about 22 years. So far I just have not pulled the trigger on that one yet, but it’s not out of the I see that my feet have made it to Wikifeet so I was going to do more foot fetish stuff. I absolutely love shoe and have a ton of them. Maybe I do have a shoe fetish ? I have size 6 feet and keep my feet well maintained with pedicures along with my nails. I love foot massage and my toes sucked and pampered.

My eyes are real. Just got one contact which I love as it fixes that whole glasses thing for reading. Mostly the reading for shopping was getting hard as it is mid distance away to see tags and glasses are for up close. So when my eyes were becoming a problem for shopping well something just had to give! Which brings me to shopping. I absolutely love to shop and to buy things. I have a shopping addiction I think. I love clothes, nice make up and anything sparkly.

Vital Stats:

Age: 55
Height: 5'1" (155 Cm)
Measurements: 34d or 32dd
Fun Fact: Loving Fucking Younger Guys

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Nudes - Group Sex - Stockings - Blowjobs - Cumshots - Fetish - Fucking - GILF - Cougar - Dildos

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Nudes - Group Sex - Stockings - Blowjobs - Cumshots - Fetish - Fucking - GILF - Cougar - Dildos