I am Payton Hall. A dirty MILF and Cougar that loves going after younger men and participating in fun and creative sex. Join me on my hardcore sexual adventures! Pictures and HD Video! *hugs*

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Hi I am Payton Hall Welcome to my site ! I am flattered that you are interested in seeing it and knowing more about me. I am a true Milf and a Gilf. To be honest , I have always liked younger guys. In high school I was a junior and a cheerleader and was dating a younger freshman boy from our wrestling team. My very first time of actually “doing it” was with him. That was back in the day, back in the 70’s so I have been having sex for over 40 years. I have always enjoyed sex and so becoming an Adult Film Girl was truly a dream come true!

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Sleeping Stepmom

21:26 | 2021-07-13

Outdoor Fun and Fucking

15:52 | 2021-06-30

Hotel Fuck

10:23 | 2021-06-23

Balcony Blowjob

09:47 | 2021-06-16

Hitchhiking Gone Awry

09:15 | 2021-06-10

Just Do The Books

16:000 | 2021-06-02

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