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You Do Chores I Drink Cum

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07/24/2018 | 32:06 | Categories: Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Handjob, Mature, MILF, Swallowing

Starring Payton Hall

Shot in POV. This was a custom I did and it kind of is a sequel to Mrs Hall the cum expert and another very old film I did about a kid who is peeping in on Payton. The premise is Payton needs some yard work done and this very naïve neighbor boy gets recommended to her to come and do the chores. Well Payton likes to toy with boys and she lures this kid in to do the chores and makes him very clear and explicit promises to make sure to take his cum from him and show him pleasure if he does the chores right. She enjoys watching him and makes a big deal out the work he did in order to give him his reward. She brings him back to her bedroom and gives him a titty show and some sexy foot teasing and a very perfect handling and teasing of his young cock. She gives him a blow job and toys with him even more. Finally when it’s time she takes his cum into a shotglass and drinks it all down! Yummy!

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