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What Is Up with Aiden

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11/21/2018 | 24:13 | Categories: 3-Way, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Fucking, Massage, Mature, Mom

Starring Aiden Valentine, Fifi Foxx, Payton Hall

Featuring Fifi Foxx and Aiden Valentine with Payton - Payton is Aiden and Fifi's mom. Her and Fifi talk all the time. Aiden is a little different. He doesn’t seem to talk to anyone much. In fact all he does is play video games. So this mom and daughter decide to confront Aiden and test him to see if he may be gay. He seems to never talk to girls or have any dates ever. All he does is play those dumb games with mostly dudes. He is kind of taken aback by their confrontation. Then it gets crazier. They want him to grab their boobs. He hasn’t touched any boobs. Its okay but they want to make sure he’s hard. He is hard so that is good. Then they want to give him a blow job. He says he hasn’t had one…no not from a girl ... OR a boy. So mom and daughter go at it giving him a great 2 girl bj. Well it still doesn’t seem like they absolutely know for sure he’s into girls unless he can get off on a girl. They make him put his cock into his mom to feel a real vagina. Oh wow, holy shit he cannot believe it. It feels awesome. But one girl isn’t enough so they have him slide his hard cum covered cock from Payton’s juicy pussy into Fifi's. Well by now he is getting into it. He ends up back in Payton and oh my ! A Creampie ! Pretty good for a possibly gay son.

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