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12/15/2017 | 19:26 | Categories: Blowjob, Cumshot, Face Fuck, Fucking, Mature, Mom, Pussy Eating, Son

Starring Payton Hall

I came home a little drunk and who did I find but my mom upstairs in the loft talking dirty to someone. She was not only talking dirty but pretending to be their mom! I creeped up the stairs and caught her! She was in a sexy little net dress webcamming with some young guys and doing role play. Well I was shocked but I felt my cock get hard in my pants, the was actually sooo hot!

So I gave her some shit about telling dad and told her I wanted to have her let me fuck her titties. She said no but I kept pushing.Finally, she agreed for just a minute. Man,my cock felt good sliding between those tits. I was harder than I think I had ever been with just girls I had been with. Somehow my cock ended up getting in and out of her mouth. Omg this was amazing. She did this for awhile. I moved her down to the floor over the couch and her ass was so fine. I couldn’t stop, she said we couldn’t do that but I put my fingers in her fine juicy pussy and it was wet as fuck. She was totally turned on I think as much as I was. Well to really be sure I got down and licked her pussy and her clit. She was overcome with no control. I could tell it felt amazing to her. So that was my entrance I slid on a condom and thrust my cock in there from behind and there was no going back. I don’t think either of us had been that turned on ever.

We fucked in several positions, I mean she even got on top and rode me and then we spoon fucked. It felt so good. She had me pull out and take off the condom so she could suck out all of my jizz. She lapped it all up and then showed it to me….it dripped out all over. There was a lot, I don’t think I had cum that much before. Well just then she looks over and notices that her cam show was still going on. Holly Crap, bet they loved that one!

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