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Valentines Day

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So, I am just the delivery guy. It is Valentine's Day and this lady Payton Hall keeps getting stuff that goes to her address for Valentine's. She seems kind of bummed out. She is sitting around in her robe all day answering the door. Things keep coming ... Flowers, Candy, Stuffed Toys, Packages and whatnot. Well, no matter what she just seems kind of not too excited. It's none of my business so I go on about my day and deliveries. Well toward the end of the day I drop off a bigger box and then she comes out to her door after a few minutes. I had some other deliveries in her culd de sac also so I am just still there. She actually opens her door and whistles at me and says " hey delivery guy!" So I think there is something wrong and I go back to her house. Well, it's a little weird but nothing is wrong. She is all dressed up in this fucking hot ass black bodysuit thing and has some sparkle diamond pantyhose on like from the 80's with these really hot big tall red boots. I am like wtf ... but I am not gonna pass on this. This bitch says she is horny and wants to fuck. Holly shit. So I go in and she wants me to play with her pussy through the tights. She is super horny and she wants me to finger her and then bang her. She is on fire. So I acquiesce her request. I finger that hot wet pussy good. The I get my hard cock out and fuck her in a few positions. She seems real focused on those hot red boots. Somehow they inspire her. She cums and she cums hard. Then she insists that I have a lot of cum in my balls. She sucks and plays with and wants me to cum all over her tits. Well who I am too disappoint? I get all worked up and blow my load all over those beautiful boobies.. It was such a hard cum that I swear to god it stretched my cock out just a bit further than it was at the tip with cumming. I sure she hope she gets more deliveries ... and I really wonder if there was some kind of spell with those magic red boots? It was a hell of a Valentines Day! Yes!!!!

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