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03/15/2022 | Categories: 3-Way, Blowjob, Cumshot, Fucking, Girl Kissing, Interracial, Mature, Orgasm

Starring Payton Hall

My friend Kara and I had one trainer who moved away. We got a recommendation of this new guy Jordan. He was different as he was a dude and we had female one before that. But what can you do? There isn’t that many where we live. We gave him a chance and at first it seemed like he kind of did some weird stretching… then he kind of didn’t really have us do much. I was getting worried about not getting our money’s worth. But afterwards he tells us to lay down and get a massage. I am always down for a good massage. He did that and then it just got kind of even stranger, but he was making me super horny. We all kind of started playing and then before I knew it he was penetrating me with his BBC in my pussy. I was sort of unstoppable at that point and I feel I also finally was getting to work out. All that pent up tension and then he just fucks me. Kara didn’t get the dick this time, but she plays a lot more in her life than I do so I sort of felt it was touche’. He did pull out and cum on the both of us though.

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