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The Mirage

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11/29/2018 | 12:40 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Creampie, Cumshot, Mature, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Featuring Newcomer Hot Rod with Payton - Be careful what you wish for! Here I am again kind of like Bedazzled making these dreamy wishes of men to show up in my life or more specific in my bed. So, I am in this mood and I dream up all kinds of sensual kissing, foreplay and romance… even grape feeding each other no doubt. This is a fantasy I call the mirage but it is awesome. Lots of breathless sharing breath sensual kissing almost tantric in togetherness, with sweet caressing, fondling and gracefulness with garments falling off. But I was so aroused and ready for when he fingered me. (I did give him a blow job first to be fair). He fingered me and then licked my pussy just right. I was already wet from all the making out. I just was oozing with desire. He licked my pussy good and then slid his cock into me. It felt so good. He stroked me slowly and then a bit fast we changed positions a bit but honestly we were ready to cum when we started so he creampied me sideways laying on top of me. Our bodies were like one.

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