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The Fitness Instructor

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Featuring Kyla Keys and Rod Rodcock with me, we had to get a new trainer. Kyla and I were waiting for him to show up and we started doing side leg-butt lifts. He came in and he was quite a character. He was glad we started as he was 5 minutes late. He was a little unconventional and he sort of started touching us in some odd places but said his training said that is where more blood flow comes from. It seemed he really wanted to loosen us up and so he stretched us. It felt good. Then bam! Pretty soon he had said it was better if our titties were out. Well, that was unusual but cool. Then he ended up having us just get undressed altogether except for of course our shoes. Got to have shoes on to work out. Then he sort of started licking Kyla’s whoo-ha and so I sort of sat down on her face. We seemed to be getting his methodology. Next, I think he had me lay down and licked mine and somewhere in there I think we suggested he take off his clothes too as he had a boner. Then before I knew it, he was inside me with his boner and we were fucking on the bench. He fucked Kyla too, but I seemed to underneath on the bench and he kept sticking his cock in my mouth then fucking her… all in all it was pretty fucking hot workout, and he did line us up bent over the bench and he fingered and fucked us both. In the end the cum ended up on my abs and we were done. I think were burned a fair amount of calories!

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