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The Dark Side Video

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02/25/2018 | 03:53 | Categories: Blindfold, Bondage, Fantasy, Fetish, Fingering, Insertion, MILF, Smoking

Starring Payton Hall

This is a very short but intense clip. It is more dark and artsy and is bdsm. I am being dominated in a very sensual way. I enjoyed the shoot. It shows another side of the craft. I walk in and my crawl up on the bed. My master acknowledges my presence with his hand on my neck in a commanding fashion. I submit. I am blindfolded, then he drips hot wax on me. I flinch. He soothes me with ice. I get spanked, and I like it but he must not know. Then he grazes over my aching pussy and teases me. He pulls my panties aside, and puts his fingers in me. I like it but I can't say anything. He bangs me with my legs up. I can't make noise but I am hot. This feels very good but I must not let on, there is no expression from slaves. We must be good and compliant and cooperate. Then he puts my legs down and spreads me out. He bangs me more ... omg at about 3 min in, I squirt! I rarely if ever squirt. This was amazing. You can see the spray in the video and then the wetness. This is rare for me. However, if you hit me just right, this can happen.

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