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Tantra Massage

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03/06/2018 | 14:34 | Categories: Blonde, Blowjob, Cougar, Cumshot, Fucking, Happy Ending, Massage, Mature, Orgasm

Starring Payton Hall

Featuring Payton Hall with Nick Love. Payton is at a hotel and decides to order a massage. She had read that they offered Tantra massage and feels like that is exactly what the Dr ordered. After all, Payton was alone and so why not have a little fun? She heard that Tantra was special. So When Nick arrives, Payton is very specific on what she wants. Nick lays out Payton on the table and checks out her body all the way down to her perfect painted red toes. Nick begins the massage with nice strokes and then begins playing with Payton's nipple's, stretching and twisting her natural big tits. He works his way down to her pussy and spreads in open, playing with her pussy lips and teasing her. Payton feels all tingly and her body quivers waiting for more. Next Nick turns Payton over and really begins to rub Payton's ass and in between her legs which is smooth warm and wet. He spreads out her ass checks and lets the cool air breeze across her exposed holes. She is so horny she almost can't not touch herself. Then Nick begins to finger her. Payton is very excited and can't help herself to reach out and grab and suck he hard cock that has made its way to near her face. She grabs and puts it straight into her mouth. Well after being sucked to almost an early climax Nick turns this willing massage client around and enters her sweet hot wet mature pussy in doggie and a few strokes of that gives them both some needed pleasure, he teases her and pulls his cock in and out until she is dripping wet. He flips her to missionary and spreads her legs wide and up fucking her on the massage table fully engaged. He can take no more so he pulls out and leaves a big cum load right above her pussy.

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