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Stroking Balls with My Tennis Pro

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04/24/2018 | 15:28 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cougar, Cumshot, Facial, Fucking, Massage, Mature, MILF, Workout

Starring Nicky Rebel, Payton Hall

So I recently took up tennis. Of course I need lessons from a pro as how else do you learn to play ? Well my tennis pro happens to be hot, young and cute. His name is Nicky and he says I have a good hustle. That is great and all but I decided that I wanted more ... I wondered what other things Nicky can do besides work on my tennis abilities. I started out coy and tried to fish a bit. He tried to be respectful and good. The last thing a woman my age wants is being respected and good ... I wanted a good time! Finally after me outright having to say so, he got the point and started giving me a thigh massage. There we go, that is getting closer. Soon enough the thigh massage became his touching my pussy ... mmm there you have it yes! That felt like heaven and by that time he dove right in. Soon enough he was eating my pussy and it was getting wet like a real school girl on a tennis team. It was hot and he fingered me to just like I like. I could feel him getting hard and I flipped up and started sucking his nice young cock. It got hard and ready and I mounted him. This was more the kind of lessons I was thinking of. I didn't buy that cute outfit for not being fucked. I rode him and damn that felt really good. I leaned back and enjoyed. Pretty soon we were bouncing around changing positions still with tennis shoes on and all. Now this more the kind of athletic activity I desire. He parted my legs and he pounded me. I liked it. Pretty soon he needed to cum and he pulled out and came all over my tummy. Same time next week, we agreed. I think I will actually get better at tennis.

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