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Spa Day For Men

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09/12/2017 | 17:52 | Categories: 3-Way, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Face Sitting, Facial, Mature, MILF, Orgasm, Pussy Eating, Stockings

Starring Payton Hall

Aiden has been told by a friend to try the Men’s Day Spa for the best facial. When he arrives at the spa he is greeted by Fifi and Payton whom tell him to get comfortable and provide him with a robe. Aiden isn’t sure what to expect but his friend said it was good here. He puts on the robe and Payton comes in first. She has him lie back and then to his surprise she straddles him, lifts up her skirt and puts her moist shaved pussy right down on his face. Holy shit, he was Not expecting this! Well she moves around and grinds down on his face and smears her pussy juice all over his face. She changes positions a couple of times and she seems to be enjoying it. Aiden is feeling his cock bulge but isn’t quite sure what to do. When he thinks he can handle no more, as he isn’t an experienced pussy licker yet, she gets up and says that part of the treatment is finished. Now he is a little disappointed she is leaving. Well as soon as Payton exits, Fifi comes in and low and behold, she lifts her skirt as well. She sits her ample bottom on him and she rubs her sweet pussy over and over on his face too. Well he continues to feel aroused and is kind of getting into this now. Well time begins to fly as he relaxes and oh, the treatment is done. Bummer. Okay well this was good. So Aiden gets dressed and then Fifi enters again to collect payment. Aiden tries to pay with all the normal methods of commerce from cash to cards and even offers a check. Fifi asks Payton to come in and explain the pay situation here. As most people are referred in they usually know the deal. Payton explains to Aiden that payment is only accepted in “like kind” , meaning that they expect a facial in return. Aiden is stunned at first but…hell what guy doesn’t want to have 2 ladies play with his cock and give him a blow job and cum all over their faces ? This clip ends in a 2 girl facial finish.

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