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Shoplifting Pays Off

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09/30/2020 | 11:23 | Categories: Girl Kissing, Lesbian, Lingerie, Mature, MILF, Mom, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Kara comes into shop during the pandemic to Payton’s private boutique and Payton stops her in her tracks. She hasn’t seen Kara before. Payton kind of shakes her down, not only is she wearing a breathing mask but also a eye mask. Payton counts her items and Kara goes into the dressing room. Payton kind of spies on her … She sees Kara putting a item into her purse! She knew it. So, Payton walks in the dressing room Kara. She uses her authority to get peak at Kara’s tits and then just sucks on them too. All this authority is kind of awesome for Payton. She gets Kara to suck on her titties also! Mmmmmm, those nipples feel good getting that attention. Payton now has Kara show her other private lady parts and gives her a licking for trying to steal! She has Kara seated on the dressing room bench and licks that clit good and even gives her a banging little orgasm with her fingers. All in all, it was worth it Kara leaves with a smile, a relieved pussy and free dress!

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