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Roomie is Asleep

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08/24/2020 | 20:30 | Categories: Blowjob, Cumshot, Fucking, Mature, Orgasm, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Featuring Rod Rodcock with Payton - Well we came home from the bar later than our friend Tony. We were pretty sure he was asleep because we were horny as fuck. We had been out all evening and we like to come home and get it on when we do that. My lover Rod is very sexy, and he finds me the same, I think. We could barely keep our hands off each other at the bar. In fact, they finally asked us to leave. So, we came back to room and we thought Tony was sleeping and we were kissing. Rod began unzipping my dress and feeling my wet pussy. Pretty soon I was sucking his hard-throbbing cock and he was eating my pussy with me spread eagle legs in the air right where Tony could see if he was awake. It felt amazing. Omg we could no longer wait and by this time we did not even care if Tony woke up. He fucked me in missionary, sideways, me on top laying over him and doggie. He burst finally and it was all over my pussy and tummy. I hope Tony at least had some good dreams that night.

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