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Payton is Hit on by Stepdaughter

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Featuring Shelby Paris with Payton - Payton goes to work feeling a bit horny and bothered so just to test it she wears a piece in lingerie instead of shirt under her jacket and skirt. The day goes by pretty uneventful. All until she gets back home. She isn’t expecting anything as her boyfriend is out of town. Just her stepdaughter is home. Funny though, Shelby seems to notice of all people that Payton has something sexy underneath and makes Payton show her. She gives her stepmom a hard time at first but then shocks her by wanting to see her boobs. Payton does but it gets kind of weird and then somehow, they are on topic of what if Payton needs to participate in a threesome? Well, why did her dad mention that? Curiosity and insecurity get the best of her and before you know that dirty little stepdaughter Shelby is licking Payton’s pussy and damn that feels good. She gets out a toy and really hits the sweet spot. Well Payton gets some good O’s and then decides to try on Shelby. That girl even has a clit ring, holly shit. Well Payton likes returning the favor on that fine young pussy and actually is pretty natural at licking it and fingering it then finishing with a toy so both girls are happy.

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