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Payton and Kara Do Jay Mann

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08/04/2018 | 23:50 | Categories: 3-Way, BBC, Blowjob, Cougar, Cumshot, Fucking, Interracial, Mature, MILF, Pussy Eating

Starring Jay Mann, Kara, Payton Hall

It was graduation season ... I had to go to a flower shop with to get flowers for it and my friend and I Kara happen to run into Jay Mann of all people. I haven’t seen him or shot with him for probably 2 years. Jay wanted to know if I wanted to shoot again and of course I did, but I had Kara with me. She is super into sex ... but she is married and this can’t get out. Well he told me to ask her if she wore a mask and low and behold she agreed. We detoured out route and went to his hotel and omg…What a good time and it appears was a great shoot! We got right to it, we greeted and kissed and then he had us both with no panties on the bed somehow. We were taking turns being eaten out and fingered until we were both wet. I think I gave him a blow job and then we both were and the rest was a whirl ... I rode him and he fucked me then he fucked her and I felt her tits for the first time. Yum and she does have a nice ample ass. I would have done more in retrospect to her, but I wasn’t sure how bi receptive she would be. Anyway he fucked the shit out of both of us and then I was just giving him a little blow job after he busted a nut out of nowhere ... So it was a good year in 2018 to graduate ! Congrats ALL !!!

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