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Payton and Cyndi Have 3 Way

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07/10/2018 | 23:20 | Categories: 3-Way, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Fucking, Girl Kissing, Mature, MILF

Starring Cyndi, Payton Hall

Featuring Sinful Cyndi and Nick Love with Payton - Cyndi and I had planned a 3 way with Nick Love while Cyndi was in town recently. I was really excited but running late. Cyndi said she was getting there on time and would do what she could to wait for me but keep him happy. Well I got there late but not as late as I thought it would be. I came in to find them already making out. I should have said something but it was too hot. I decided not say anything and just watch for a minute. Mmm, she was really sucking his cock good and it was super hard and standing right up…you know how really hard cocks are kind of bouncy. She did that awhile and I almost stepped in and then he pushed her back on the bed and spread her out. He was fondling her and fingering her and she was so horny she was fondling herself. He ate out her pussy really good and pretty soon before I said anything else they were already fucking. They were going at it hard. Finally I stepped in cuz I didn’t want him to cum before I got any! They stopped and helped me get undressed and I asked them to catch me up, not telling them that I had been watching.

I was super horny and could not wait to have them play with me too. It was awesome and he fingered us both and she got on top of me and it was amazing. Then he gave me a turn and fucked me on top of me. He turned us both over and took turns in flat style doggie then doggie. We were both just superwet. It had to cum to and end so he came all over us. Damn what a great afternoon. Wonder what it would be like to play with Cyndi alone?

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