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Mom as a Stripper Job

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05/18/2018 | 12:52 | Categories: Blowjob, Cumshot, Fucking, Mature, MILF, Mom, Son, Thong

Starring Aiden Valentine, Payton Hall

Featuring Aiden Valentine with Payton - Aiden comes in to ask his mom for $20 bucks to go to the movies. Well, Payton it seems has something she is working on and needs to talk to Aiden and as well get some input. It turns out that she has lost her longtime job and she is attempting to go to work at strip club to pay their bills. She asks Aiden for an opinion on some oufits she got an Aiden and her are pretty tight so he tries to be helpful. Payton models a couple of them and as well does a bit of sample interaction of brushing against Aiden and a bit of slow teasing and grinding. Mmm, this works good. So good that Payton notices Aiden is rock hard. Well, being the considerate and good mom she is, she can’t let that thing stay all hard and uncomfortable. So she immediately gets it out and sucks feverishly on his hard young cock. Well, this only makes matters worse and in a very short time he is inside of her pussy and she actually really needs that fucking too. He is fucking her and she is loving it, damn who knew? They go hard and fast and Aiden can hold out no more ... luckily he pulls out before he cums and then sprays his hot wet cum all over her tummy. Well that settles it, they agree that Payton will be good at her job and Aiden agrees to be supportive by helping her with outfit selection anytime!

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