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04/10/2018 | 12:20 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Fantasy, Fucking, Mature, MILF, Mom, Orgasm

Starring Alrik Angel, Payton Hall

Featuring Alrik Angel with Payton - This is a film for all my son's out there. It is kind of hard to write these descriptions from 1st person, and I know sometimes It is less exciting to read a narrative of the movie so this is from directors/actors version. So, in this clip I am the proverbial mom character that I am so known for. I have made many customs and films along this topic. It is a really big turn on and taboo fetish that seems to work for a lot of guys out there. I enjoy playing the mom and I guess I am sort of type casted into this role as a natural.

So this one is about a jealous mom who really is into her son, played by Alrik. He is the sexy young stud football player kind of guy. Mom feels like no one is good enough for her son. She is critical of any girl that her son may have interest in ... So with that I take it a step further and make my son take off his under roos and let mom tease him. Well this just turns into her/me being right and he has one huge boner! And that boner is only for mommy. I give him some teasing and blow job and then just mount him and oh wow his cock feels good. He tells me my pussy is tight and I like to believe it! We fuck with me on top and then him behind me in doggie and oh he is close to cumming. We have to finish him and let him give me a facial with I love and better yet, mommy was right!

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