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Its My Truck

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01/17/2023 | Categories: Big Dick, Blonde, Blowjob, Facial, Mature, Wife

Starring Payton Hall

Payton has recently gotten a divorce. Everything is all sorted out and the last thing is she needs to go and pick up her classic truck. The judge awarded her that and she has documentation to prove it. She made a time to go pick it up from her ex-husband who pretty much only liked her to face fuck, so she had enough of him. The day Payton arrives, he starts giving her shit about what he wants. Ugh, this was why she left, it was always about his wants needs or whatever. So, Payton assertively tells him she is taking her truck. He wants her to put on this stupid bra and panty set that she had thrown in the trash. She first tries to give him a little scrap of a nice view in a lingerie piece she found there. She starts the truck and it at least runs – so there is a way to leave. He doesn’t stop about the other outfit and wanting a blowjob. Omg, Payton just wants this over, so she changes to the outfit he wants and goes to the cold garage to deal with him. Well apparently, he hasn’t found anyone else because he face fucks her aggressive and he has the biggest cum load ever! If you love facials and lots of cum on face this is your movie!

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