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06/11/2020 | 16:06 | Categories: Blowjob, Cougar, Cumshot, Facial, Fucking, POV

Starring Payton Hall

Payton is a sexy mature escort. She gets a call from a client. Because she is kind of known as a milf/gilf type she does get clients younger than her. She gets to the door and he looks awfully young. Decent looking but for sure young. First, she asks if his dad is home. He said he is the one who called. Oh shit! She asks for some idea and he gives her a paper birth certificate! Ii am sorry but who does that? Well he is cute and pretty convincing. She follows him back to his room with the xbox. She doesn’t know if she should be doing this but, well she’s already here and he looks ready. There is lotion on the nightstand. So, she gets into her routine and gives him some Payton. She finds his hard cock and pulls it out for a blow job. Wow, he really likes that. Then she rides him in a few positions, and he feels good. So good and she was so distracted by his youth she forgot to use a condom! But she feels it’s safe because he has only had contact with his hand. Young, hot cock and her mature wet horny pussy. Then just to be safe when he’s going to come, she pulls out and makes his sweet young cum on her face. Something has to keep her young. That turned out to be the best appointment of the week.

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