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Is This The House?

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06/13/2019 | 19:17 | Categories: 3-Way, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cougar, Creampie, Fucking, Girl Kissing, Mature, MILF, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Payton and her friend Gina are out and about in Payton’s neighborhood. They are best friends and two small hot blondes with nice boobs and a high libido. They see a house being remodeled. It is always good to see what is going on in the area, and it would just be perfect her bestie could move closer to her. These women are kind of upper class but slutty and so they are amused to find that the home has a decent looking contractor in it working. He is working on stilts. They go about their tour of the house and end up noticing while they are outside that he is kind of perving on them. What the hell? Gina says they should tease him and give him a show. They do and start kissing and rubbing up against each other. That motivates him. He undoes his pants and starts stroking to them making out and Gina even bends over and Payton fingers friend. He is so into that that Gina keeps his attention while Payton goes inside and “catches” him jerking off to them. It is pretty funny and he is for sure caught. These two women however are up for some fun so it becomes a lot hotter real quick. They are showing him their boobs and making out and then start sucking his cock while he is on stilts. It is quite a contractor’s dream. He then enters Payton and the three of them get in all sorts of combinations until he cannot handle it any longer and cums in Payton. Being the Payton and Gina are such good friends, Gina eats the cum load out of her and then shares it with Payton in a kiss. This may just be the right house!

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