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Handmaids Tail Ep 3 Lesbian Defection

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01/08/2018 | 21:09 | Categories: Blonde, Fantasy, Hairy Pussy, Lesbian, Orgasm, Pussy Eating, Strap On

Starring Mallory Starr

Featuring Mallory Starr and Stella and directed/written by Payton. The young handmaids live in a dystopian society where any real pleasure is forbidden. If two handmaids are caught doing lesbian activities they are punished by having their vagina sewed shut and their clit removed. However sometimes the desire is so strong that these ladies take the risk anyway. This scene is 2 such girls who meet up in an empty room and bring long abandoned "toys" to play with and enjoy each other. They kiss tenderly and fondle and play with each other in ways that have been forbidden. Feeling each other and suckling on soft breasts and juicy clits they enjoy. Mallory has even brought one more treasure from the old world as they knew it. Tobacco. The ladies as well enjoy a dangerous smoke and live it up a little. So this time they enjoyed their time and got away with keeping their clits intact and vaginas still ripe.

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