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The Graduation Gift

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10/30/2018 | 19:59 | Categories: BBC, Big Tits, Blonde, Cumshot, Fucking, Mature, MILF, Mom, Orgasm, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Featuring Black Pipe with Payton - Okay so I am at my graduation and my mom’s best friend came to it. Her name is Payton. She has been friends with my mom forever since I was a kid. She is really nice and really pretty for an older lady. She tells me that she wants to give me a present. Of course I am down with that as who doesn’t want more money or gift card or whatever right? She tells me though that we need to go the room to get it and it has to be in private. Seems a little weird but I go up the elevator with her and we go in the room. Then she just comes on to my like saying how she wants to reward me for doing a good job and asks me if I find her attractive. At first I a little nervous as I am worried about my mom finding out. She promises not to tell and starts putting my hands on her boobs and she unbuttons my pants. My cock is already hard so it kind of springs out. She ends up sucking on it and damn I am ready for this shit. I get her panties off and lick that find white pussy. Well I fuck her in a few positions after we start at the edge of the bed. She gives me another blow job and holy fuck I want to come. She gets into doggie and I fuck her a short time there and I really wanted to go longer but this was all to overwhelming. I had to come then!

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