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Girls Night Becums Fun with Slave

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08/29/2017 | 18:49 | Categories: Big Tits, Dildo, Fetish, Group Sex, Heels, Insertion, Interracial, Pegging

Starring Payton Hall

The girl's have fun nights every now and again and this seems to be one of them. Well Imani has a surprise! All the usual toys are laid out for maybe a toy party orgy but this time things are a little different ... more bondage type stuff is here. Hm they all wonder and strap on toys. Wow. Well then Imani and Marley come in with a "man pet" on a leash. Imani explains that they are to use and abuse him. Well these girls don't aim to disappoint so they start ramming dicks in his mouth and spanking him with paddles. Joe is a perfect sub. Payton quietly in the background is slipping on a strap on. Then she participates in the spanking and her strap on gets a hard on. He says he wants his ass fucked. Well Payton gives it to him. Then Lauren takes a turn hand holding big cock sliding in and out of his ass. Next it's Marley's turn. He is getting gang banged by this group of crazy bitches! Rachel sits on him while Marley fucks him and Imani has him sucking her straped on cock. Then Payton comes back around for round 2 and gets a nick name of robo fuck. She hammers his ass. Then Joe is ordered by Imani to to eat her asshole. He cleans out her ass lick by lick. Slave Joe is now ready for the final abuse. He endures Imani standing on his chest and body with all of her weight. Trampled by a strong good sized woman. He and his limp cock take the abuse and humiliation of being trampled by Imani as they ladies look on. Femdom at is finest!

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