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09/17/2018 | 25:38 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Heels, Mature, Mom, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Featuring Conor Coxxx with Payton - Payton has an adult son who mostly just lays around and plays video games, sleeps, eats and watches TV. Oh ya and then brings home girls to fuck. Payton is fed up with her lazy son. She is also very horny. So she comes up with a solution. She packs up his clothes and confronts him. She gives him 2 options. One is to move and two is to meet her needs. Conor is at first confused about what she means. But she is wearing some kind of lingerie item and high heels. Kind of weird for your mom to wear. Well then she spells it out. He can satisfy her sex needs. She points out that she made it easy by dressing sexy. Then she pulls out her tit and puts it in his mouth. Mmm he actually kind of likes it even though it’s weird. Then Payton has him get out his cock and likes how big it’s gotten. She sucks him awhile and then has him lick her smooth shaven pussy. Payton is in heaven. Conor becomes ready and he slides his cock into her just like she’s one of his fwb girls and actually she feels pretty damn good. She even knows what she is doing compared to some of them. The hit a few different positions. Conor is impressed his mom is pretty good to fuck. Conor can’t take it any longer so he pulls out and covers his mom’s tits in that sweet young cum. Payton tells him she will make him a rent receipt!

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