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Finishing My Workout

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12/09/2017 | 11:33 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Face Sitting, Fantasy, Mature, MILF, Orgasm, Pussy Eating, Workout, Yoga Pants

Starring Payton Hall

Well I have been working out a lot lately. Trying to really get in better shape and improve my stamina and relieve stress. Well the gym has been great and all but seriously I need more than that. So, I finished my workout and I thought that Kyle could just help me out and let me sit on his face a bit so I could grind my horny pussy into something. I just never seem to get enough! Working out just makes me hornier. Well so I tried to rub one out with my yoga pants on but that wasn’t quite cutting it. I took off that and was down to bra and underwear and that was better. I sat on his face facing backwards and first and then forward, letting his pull my panties aside and really get his tongue up in my pussy and around my clit. I had him suck on my clit and mmm. Ya, that was working mm hmm. Well it just seems confining to wear the bra and panties so I popped up and took that off too. So here I was buck naked riding Kyles face. My pussy juice all over and it was starting to really work for me. Kyle I could feel was hard and he was getting kind of desperate like he wanted to fuck or something. So I let him fondle my tits as they bounced and he liked it. Omg well I finally felt relieved and had a good orgasm and I was kind of tired and relaxed by then. I felt I needed a shower. So, I got up and got to the shower. I think Kyle was a little frustrated ? Idk but whatever ...

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