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09/20/2022 | 30:26 | Categories: 3-Way, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cougar, Cumshot, Mature, MILF, Mom, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Featuring Kyla Keys and Rod Rodcok with Payton. Kyla is almost to become an “old maid” by old standards. Payton, who is her mother doesn’t want her to make the mistake of carrying this boring guy she’s about wed. Payton just doesn’t see that Kyla will be happy making this choice. Kyla doesn’t have the experience in her mother’s eyes that Payton feels she should have by now! They bicker a bit about the costs and wedding changes and then Payton has an idea! Why not just share Kyla’s stepdad with her to show her what is possible with sex and a real man, and while we’re on it, a threesome. At age 40 Kyla still hasn’t even bothered to have that! Soon Rod, Kyla’s stepdad returns from a hunting trip. He was supposed to get some “white tail”. Well, he’s about to get 2 “white tail” now!!! Payton springs upon him this crazy idea she has. At first, he is a bit confused, but any dick can be convinced otherwise. Payton has dressed up both herself and her daughter in sexy lingerie. They start out with a blowjob and work their way onto the bed where step daddy can show Kyla what Payton always gets and then they both take her on a super fun threesome ride! The wedding is off! Relief!

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