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09/25/2018 | 18:07 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Business Attire, Cumshot, Facial, Fucking, Garter, Mature

Starring Payton Hall

I am important. I run a large company and in our field we have to offer good customer service. I have one the best ladies to do that. Not only does she do great with the customers, I have her service me! She works for me and has literally no choice but to be my personal whore. When I say I need Customer Service this bitch goes into some kind of crazy trance. She repeats after me and obeys my commands. Most recently I had her come sit on the couch and take off her shirt and she was wearing a cut out bra. My cock was already hard thinking of dominating her. But it got a tingle in it like no other. I had her play with her nipples and turned her tranced out self on. Then I had her loose the bra and finger that juicy pussy. I had her go to knees and I fucked that bitch’s face. All she could say is yes sir. What a rush. I love when these working bitches get submissive. She does it every time ... So by now my cock is throbbing and I need to stick in in her pussy. I get her in doggie position and finger that puffy pussy. I am so horny but want to save my cum for her face. I stick my cock in there and very slow and deliberate massage it with her vagina enveloping it. Damn that feels so good. But I go slow cuz I don’t want to blow. I get in just enough strokes then turn that cunt around so I can come on her face. I get in a bit more of that blow job action and then blow a huge load on her face. She confirms that she is my whore and she will do as I command. Damn I have a great job.

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