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Driver Returns

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09/29/2017 | 15:17 | Categories: Big Tits, Dildo, Lesbian, Mature, MILF, Orgasm, Pussy Eating, Sixty Nine, Sixty-Nine, Yoga Pants

Starring Payton Hall

Payton had driven Leilani home from a party on Wednesday from one of phone aps. Well there was a mutual electricity in the car on the drive for sure. But, Payton being on the job. So…. how convenient that Leilani left a “toy” in the car. Payton being the nosy girl she is had to get it out and see what it was. It was a sex toy. It seemed to be a good reason to go back to Leilani’s house. So,on Friday on her day off, Payton knocks on Leilani’s door and while she was surprised to see Payton, she was indeed happy and did remember her! Well after some giddy small talk the ladies are soon kissing and making out. Payton is very turned on by Leilani’s petite body and those small tits with big nipples! Leilani was equally happy with Payton’s firm but bit more curvy body and those nice round d small d cups to play with. The toy comes out and soon Payton has it clipped on her new friend’s eraser nipples. The girl’s get handsy and are soon fingering each other and then use the toy inside each other’s moist needy vaginas. Soon they are on the couch buck naked with just a vibration between their clits. They then scissor rubbing their clits together in ecstasy. That turns into 69 with clit sucking and tongue action probing deep inside. Two mature fit women going at it with the energy of a teenager and the experience of slutty swinger chicks.

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