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Cum Eating Roomate

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10/09/2017 | 07:53 | Categories: Lesbian, Masturbation, Mature, Orgasm, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Payton wakes up horny and is pleasuring herself on the couch when Leilani starts really getting it on with her boyfriend in the other room. Payton is fingering herself and the sounds of her friend getting pounded hard is such a turn on. She is rubbing harder and faster on her clit and her legs are completely tensed up. She gets so into and has an eye mask on that she is still going when the couple finishes…she becomes aware and the room is still clear so she keeps going with her playtime. Well just as she is almost there to climax, Leilani walks in on her. Payton, Surprised stops immediately and closes her legs. Her friend is considerate and Payton explains how hot that listening makes her. Then Payton gets a glimpse of the cum falling out of Leilani and completely is more turned on. She gets right up to Leilani’s pussy and practically dives in with her mouth…but she does ask first. She explains to her roommate that she loves eating cum. She wants to eat the cum out of her friend. Well Leilani is kind of startled but goes ahead and lets Payton go at it. Payton starts eating and licking up the cum and cleans up her friend very well. Leilani actually thinks it’s pretty erotic and she likes having her pussy licked clean after being fucked hard. It actually feels really really good. Payton licks out her fine pussy and ample clit to her hearts content. Well, being a good roomie, Leilani offers to finish Payton off since her session was interrupted. Payton lays back and lets Leilani finger bang her hot wet pussy until she cums.

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