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Crazy Stepmom Eats My Load

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08/26/2021 | 17:14 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Fucking, Mature, Mom, Old/Young, Taboo

Starring Payton Hall

So, I am sleeping on the couch at my stepmoms house. Well ex stepmom because her and my dad got a divorce, but she still seems like my mom. Anyways she is great, but she is so annoying in mornings. I just want to sleep a bit and she is always up early making noise and making food and making plans. So, this one morning I am trying to just sleep a bit more. She just keeps nagging me to wake up and she brings me some coffee. I barely look but can’t really open my eyes all the way. She keeps talking about waffles and hiking. Ugh! Leave me alone already. Well then, I start feeling something up on my dick! It feels really good, but she has seriously pulled out my junk and is sucking on it. Damn well that woke me right the fuck up. She keeps going and going and telling me that I had to get up. Well, I was UP already by then. I didn’t know what to do but I was so horny by then. She just gets on me then starts riding me. She rides me then sucks me some more and so we just go over the counter bar and fuck there. I mean she really isn’t even my stepmom anymore … right? Well, that isn’t all of it. I get where I am going to cum this crazy bitch says something about not having enough milk for the waffles? WTF she has me jizz in the batter. Are you kidding me? You won’t even believe what she does next ... You gotta just watch!

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