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Boys Swap Moms In Bet

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03/06/2020 | 37:55 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, Fucking, Group Sex, Mature, MILF, Mom, Pussy Eating

Starring Payton Hall

Featuring Sofie Marie, Patrick Delphia and Conor Coxxx with Payton - This is One Hot 4-way Swap. Sophie and Payton have been friends for a long time. They raised their 2 just barely adult grown boys together, always being friends and being cheering moms at baseball games and soccer and all the things boys do. Each just having one son and being a single parent made it a great friendship and the boys are tight. Well a normal evening for them with the boys playing air hockey and moms chatting in the living room somehow goes a bit Rouge this particular night. Conor and Patrick in competitive spirit start talking about how hot each of their buddy’s moms are. A bet ensues and Conor is supposed to kiss Sofie! Well Sophie had oddly enough in the other room already mentioned hot sexy those boys had been getting. Payton tries to keep it all grounded and do the right thing. But when Sopie gets her kiss, Payton loses the ability to not say no to doing the same. They take it up and notch and pretty soon they are each fucking each other’s sons. Payton keeps reminding everyone that no can tell. This is their secret! It gets wild and crazy and with seeing their own son’s huge cocks compared to last time they saw them they even swap out for family jewels! This is one active fucking hot ass clip. Make sure to have your stamina to watch this.

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