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Body Switch

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01/30/2018 | 18:06 | Categories: Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Fantasy, Fucking, Mature, MILF, Son

Starring Aiden Valentine, Payton Hall

Featuring Aiden Valentine with Payton - Well this was a fun movie to make! Aiden plays my son and he is experimenting with a weird science project which in theory would have 2 people change bodies. He is messing with wires and a crazy explosion happens. So here is the rundown on this clip ... The explosion happens and the two find themselves in their clothes and in the body of each of other. This is shocking and there is initial panic. Well after changing to some other clothes, Aiden who is now in his mom’s Payton’s body puts on a sexy net dress. Natural arousal happens with Aiden’s dick and Payton feels the hard and throbbing desire that males feel. Oh wow, this is a trip. They both become curious about their own body and feeling the opposite from the body they are in. Aiden sucks his own dick and Payton feels into her vagina whom Aiden is in control of and feels how wet it is…Well, then Payton comes up with an idea that maybe they should take this chance to fool around and experience how it feels to be the opposite sex. Payton eats out herself as she sees fit and Aiden then gets to tell his mom how to fuck him with his cock. This is a very hot scene and features hot fucking with unusual fantasy concept well beyond taboo.

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