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Blueberry Pie Substitute

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04/16/2018 | 09:47 | Categories: BBC, Blonde, Blowjob, Cumshot, Fucking, Heels, Interracial, Mature, MILF, Mom

Starring Payton Hall, Will Tile

Featuring Will Tile with Payton - It was around the holidays and my son wasn't home one afternoon when his friend Will came by. I had started to make a blueberry pie and was cutting up some cucumbers, just you know doing kitchen stuff for a dinner. Well Will came over behind me and it just sort of happened, he kind of brushed up to me and was talking real sweet and quiet to me. I was just intoxicated with the feeling of being touched and whispered to. My husband had been gone awhile and I didn’t have many tender moments anymore. In fact we had not anything like that since I don’t even know when. It just felt so good to feel feminine and like a woman and not a mom or a worker. I just melted into the moment. He started feeling my breasts and they tingled. It was all kind of fast and slow and time stopped all at the same time. He somehow got my jeans off and was kissing my pussy and omg then he put his hand in there. It felt so good just being touched like that. Pretty soon, I don't even know how it happened but his huge hard black cock was inside me. Omg I was getting fucked at my kitchen sink by a young hot black kid who is my son's friend! He in that moment though was a man, and man just giving me my womanhood back. It was truly decadent. We never spoke of it after. But I masturbate just remember that afternoon at the sink. It was like a dream.

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