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Balance Board Cam Show

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09/07/2023 | Categories: Dildo, Dirty Talk, GILF, Mastubation, Mature, Orgasm, Vibrator

Starring Payton Hall

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post this fun cam show! All of my cam shows can be watched live on this site. I am scheduled for Wednesdays at 10 am AZ time, however I have had a very fluid schedule these days so check on the VNA or my twitter for sure. The VNA is inside this site, and you get to see myself and many other amazing adult stars do their weekly cam show. They are as well archived inside this site too. I wanted to remind you of this feature. On this show it’s fun. I am working with my balance board in my exercise/guest room working to get low enough on the board to do my wake surfing turns. To inspire me, I suctioned a rubber dick on the board and tried to “ride” it while riding the board. Do join my cams as they often are a bit crazy like this and I do various things. I have one with a new fucking machine, I have done window fucking with a suction dildo, I wear fun clothes and companies have been sending me toys to promote. Sometimes it’s a little chill, but always a chance to catch up and chat and jerk off. I will try and show you some of my various outfits and things I am working with and we talk and you can open your cam where I see you too if you like. Okay, well enjoy this show and just wanted to give you heads up on what’s available to you as a special member on here. Much Love xoxo Payton

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