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Payton Gets Mind Controlled by Dr Hardman

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01/02/2020 | 26:49 | Categories: Blowjob, Business Attire, Face Fuck, MILF, Panties, POV

Starring Payton Hall

Payton, a very stressed out CEO goes back to Dr Hardman as the pills he gave her for stress are almost gone in under a week. Well he instructs her to sit on the couch again and he won;t refill the pills unless she submits to his relaxation therapy. He holds a pendant and has her watch it back and forth, back and forth until she is out as he commands. He her calling him master and be under his command. Well, this crazy stressed out control freak of a woman probably just needs a good orgasm. He first pulls open her blouse to see what this bitch's tits are like. They are decent and she is even wearing a nice, pretty bra. He takes the liberty of fondling them. The he reaches down between her legs and pulls her skirt up. She has sexy crotchless panties on. Wow! Well he needs to check that out. he pulls them apart and sees her juicy clit. Then, as he fingers her she is responsive. She is wet and seems to need this treatment. He continues to rub her clit and then plunges his hand deep into her pussy finding the mysterious g-spot. At least her body enjoys this. She probably just doesn't make time to get fucked properly. He plays with her until she has an orgasm. Yes, stress is held down there. Well since he did all that for her he feels his cock has become quite hard and is throbbing and it needs some attention. His cock had become aroused at the thought of having control over this spoiled demanding bossy bitch. He has her open his coat and get that hard member out. He has her play with it and fondle it. He has her obeying his commands and answering only yes Dr Hardman to him. Awe to see her act like a pleaser ! Then he has her take his cock in her mouth. She is actually pretty good for a boss lady.He pushes back into her bossy throat. Well he pumps away and facefucks her until his load can't hold back. Time to bring her back to.... He commands her to wake up and not remember anything that just happened. Well she wakes up disheveled and finds her breasts are exposed and there is slimy stuff all over her. Her pussy is moist and her skirt is ruffled. She is outwardly upset and humiliated. Well, Dr Hardman lets her know what happened. She was upset and drooling and had been foaming at the mouth. He agrees that she may now have her pills. This clip is for mind control and and aggressive face fucking fans with a fun out take at the end!

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